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Hair Removal

Dr Laughlin and Laserderm pioneered laser-assisted hair removal in 1996, and wrote the guidelines for the first systems approved for permanent hair reduction.  Years of experience and consulting for numerous laser manufacturers sets Laserderm apart from other laser hair removal facilities.

Optimal results AND increased safety for your skin

Unwanted hair can be treated at Laserderm using one or more of the 5 hair removal technologies.  Based on a patient’s skin type and hair type Dr Laughlin and her staff choose the best system for the treatment area to ensure the highest efficacy and the highest safely margin possible.  Pigmented lesions and other skin conditions in the treatment area are also monitored by the Dermatologist to identify potential malignancy or pre-cancerous lesions.  Laser hair facilities that do not have medically trained professionals to identify suspicious lesions are at risk of proceeding with laser treatment without taking such measures.  At Laserderm preserving and improving the health and beauty of skin is the highest priority.

Our goal is to achieve the most effective and safest permanent hair reduction for each patient, in as few a number of treatment sessions. We do not package hair removal treatments at Laserderm, there is no requisite number of treatment sessions for every patient. Some patients achieve great hair removal in 3-4 sessions, while others may need 5-7 sessions or more to reduce the hair growth to 80-100% clearance.

Is my hair growth abnormal?

Due to the highly sensitive relationship between hair growth and hormones, endocrine disorders as well as genetics, the Dermatologist may investigate causative factors.  While the cosmetic effect of unwanted hair is the primary complaint for many patients, there is obvious benefit to the patient if the underlying cause in certain endocrine and hormonal issues is treated at the same time.  Women with excessive hair growth on the face or chest may have hirsutism or hypertrichosis, which should be addressed both medically and cosmetically.  This sets Laserderm apart from the many laser hair removal centers which only treat the unwanted hair as a symptom, without also looking at possible medical conditions that may drive resistant or stubborn hair growth.  Laserderm’s Executive Director, Dr Denis Dudley, is a sub-specialist in female hormonal disorders and can assess those patients who need special endocrine evaluation.

Patients can be referred for electrolysis if they are not a good candidate for laser hair removal.

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