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CyberDERM is our original legacy brand, created by two husband-and-wife physicians, a chemist and a daughter to create products they could use within their practice.  The company was founded when a patient asked Dr. Denis Dudley, a high risk OB/GYN and endocrinologist, whether a specific sunscreen was safe to use during her pregnancy.  Dr. Dudley had never thought about product safety in that way and he consulted his wife Dr. Sharyn Laughlin, a dermatologist.  She had also never scrutinized a sunscreen from that perspective and together they began to delve into the world of formulations of skincare.

Their products feature the best and latest advances in the science of formulations backed by the credibility of medical professionals.  They are created with intention and without compromise. The full line aims to support your every day skincare routine while not forgetting its original ethos of being safe and effective.