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Sagging or Laxity of Skin

What is it?

Facial contours change as we age, and is accelerated by weight loss or illness. Loss of essential fat pads underneath the skin, resorption of bone, and thinning of skin from collagen and elastin loss all contribute to the skin sagging around the jowls, jawline, eye and mouth areas. Most people start to notice deeper folds around the mouth in their 40’s and 50’s which is a result of starting to lose some supporting fats in the cheeks. Jowls and jawline sagging usually follow, as further fat loss and bone structure changes in the skull occur.

Non-surgical options exist for lifting or tightening skin: by replacing lost volume, contouring a more youthful shape to facial features, or stimulating new collagen in the skin to tighten and firm saggy areas. We specialize in non-surgical interventions that restore a more youthful and healthy version of each patient, our approach is to enhance natural beauty, not to transform an individual to look unlike themselves.

Surgical considerations

In cases of extreme laxity or excessively sagging skin, plastic surgery might be the better treatment approach. If surgery is an option, we can refer a patient to a plastic surgeon who can outline the treatment options and pros/cons of a facelift or necklift.

Skincare Adjuncts

UV radiation damages collagen, and can lead to premature wrinkles and sagging of skin. Chronic compression, such as habitually sleeping on one side of the face also leads to more volume loss, therefore more sagging on that side.

Treatment Options

Treatment OptionKey BenefitAverage Number of TreatmentsAmount of DowntimeComfort Measures
Venus FreezeGentle and gradual tightening of mild laxity, cheek and jawline5 sessions, done monthly. Great procedure for maintenanceNoneNone
FractoraGradually tighten and lift mild laxity of the face and neck. Treatment of choice for neck laxity2-3 sessions, done 1-2 months apart.Redness and mild swelling, exfoliation starts day 3-4, can wear makeup next day.Topical anesthetic, oral sedation optional
Fillers: Juvederm or RadiesseRecontours cheeks and jawline, lifts saggy jowls and folds around the mouth, softens hollowed areas. Ideal results restores a 8-10 year younger appearanceResults that can be appreciated after a single session. Lasts about 2 yearsRedness and swelling from injection sites, possibility of bruise. Return to work same or next dayNone needed. Topical anesthetic optional
Laser resurfacing
(Erbium and/or CO2)
Skin tightening benefit along with dramatic wrinkle reduction17-10 daysTopical anesthetic, nerveblock, oral sedation