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Dark Circles

What is it?

Dark undereye circles can make even a well rested person look tired and unwell. As the skin becomes thinner under the eye area, pigment and/or blood vessels can make the area look dark. The fat pads under the eyes also tend to be resorbed with age, making the darkness look even more shadowy. Excessive hollowing of the tear trough area exaggerates the “tired” look, and is difficult to camouflage with makeup because it is an actual contour defect.

Lifestyle Factors

Fatigue is a legitimate factor in making undereyes look darker or sunken. Genetics and natural ageing process are also factors.

Skincare Adjuncts

Skin brighteners and collagen supporting topicals such as retinoids, Vitamin C can be helpful. Most over-the-counter eye creams are simply moisturizers, so actual improvement of skin texture or dark circles is not realistic. Protecting the eye area from UV exposure is most effective with sunglasses.

Treatment Options

Treatment OptionKey BenefitAverage Number of TreatmentsAmount of DowntimeComfort Measures
Dermajet PRPImproves crepiness, overall brightening of complexion3 sessions, 1 month apartNone or minimal (1 day)Topical anesthetic
FillerRestores lost fat and improves contour of tear troughs. Results last 1-2 years1None or mild swelling 2-3 days, possible bruise from injectionNone or ice pack