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BBL Hero is Here to the Rescue!

We have been reverse ageing face and neck skin for almost 2 decades now with Intense Pulsed Light! The latest technology used for photorejuvenation is BBL, and here’s why it is the best:

  1. Many enhanced passes and special techniques inherent to BBL technology and Laserderm/Victoria Park Medispa programs means bonus collagen stimulation, skin firming, “photo-finishing” for pores, spot treatment of red spots, veins, brown spots, dark circles, lip hydration, and much more!!
  2. Reverses sun damage pigment such as freckles, blotchy skin, brown stain from sun exposure, rough texture and enlarged pores from chronic UVA damage. Helps to also manage certain types of melasma, the most dreaded of all pigment disorders…
  3. Help to manage Rosacea redness and spider veins, reduce incidence of face flushing and blushing. By the way, the pandemic mask wearing is making almost everyone MORE rosaceous due to the heat and friction from the mask. BBL treatments can help to keep the face looking more clear
  4. Studies have shown that maintenance BBL treatments can change the genetic expression of skin cells, making them not only APPEAR younger but also BEHAVE as younger, pre-damaged or diseased skin cells!!! It is literal reverse ageing of the skin, Standford University proved this!
  5. NOW, WE OFFER THIS KIND TREATMENT FOR ARMS, LEGS, CHEST, BACKS with sun damage!!  BBL Hero is the new High Energy Rapid Output system exclusively offered for our patients with the Laserderm/Victoria Park BBL for Life signature program! With no pandemic travel or vacationing in the plans, this is the perfect time to reverse all that accumulated damage on your body. The Dermatologist will also use this as an opportunity to screen your skin for any potential suspicious lesions, this is particularly important before we start treating the area with IPL energy.

Patients can call us for info on our Spring 2021 specials!!

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