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BBL Hero is Here to the Rescue!

We have been reverse ageing face and neck skin for almost 2 decades now with Intense Pulsed Light! The latest technology used for photorejuvenation is BBL, and here’s why it is the best:

  1. Many enhanced passes and special techniques inherent to BBL technology and Laserderm/Victoria Park Medispa programs means bonus collagen stimulation, skin firming, “photo-finishing” for pores, spot treatment of red spots, veins, brown spots, dark circles, lip hydration, and much more!!
  2. Reverses sun damage pigment such as freckles, blotchy skin, brown stain from sun exposure, rough texture and enlarged pores from chronic UVA damage. Helps to also manage certain types of melasma, the most dreaded of all pigment disorders…
  3. Help to manage Rosacea redness and spider veins, reduce incidence of face flushing and blushing. By the way, the pandemic mask wearing is making almost everyone MORE rosaceous due to the heat and friction from the mask. BBL treatments can help to keep the face looking more clear
  4. Studies have shown that maintenance BBL treatments can change the genetic expression of skin cells, making them not only APPEAR younger but also BEHAVE as younger, pre-damaged or diseased skin cells!!! It is literal reverse ageing of the skin, Standford University proved this!
  5. NOW, WE OFFER THIS KIND TREATMENT FOR ARMS, LEGS, CHEST, BACKS with sun damage!!  BBL Hero is the new High Energy Rapid Output system exclusively offered for our patients with the Laserderm/Victoria Park BBL for Life signature program! With no pandemic travel or vacationing in the plans, this is the perfect time to reverse all that accumulated damage on your body. The Dermatologist will also use this as an opportunity to screen your skin for any potential suspicious lesions, this is particularly important before we start treating the area with IPL energy.

Patients can call us for info on our Spring 2021 specials!!

Dr Spring and Pediatric Vascular Anomalies

Did you know?… Dr Shanna Spring, who is fellowship trained from UCSF in vascular anomalies and Pediatric Dermatology, is Ottawa’s pediatric vascular dermatology specialist? She spends her time between CHEO, and her general dermatology clinics, and Laserderm/Victoria Park Ottawa. She continues to provide care to families with babies born with vascular anomalies such as Port Wine Stains, hemangiomas, venous malformations. Working in collaboration with plastic surgeons, radiologists and pediatricians in Ottawa’s multi-disciplinary vascular anomaly clinic, Dr. Spring is committed to raising awareness and finding solutions for patients with these types of birthmarks. Dr. Spring has been caring for many of our patients in general and laser dermatology at Laserderm, as well as continuing her very significant work in serving the pediatric and adult patient population with vascular birthmarks.

Children under the age of 18 in Ontario can have their Port Wine Stain birthmarks treated under OHIP insurance, adults are eligible for treatment of birthmarks that are on the face or neck only. Please call us for an appointment, or if you have a family physician, ask them to refer you for a consultation with Dr. Spring or one of our dermatologists.

         Dr. Shanna Spring, MD, FRCPS, Dermatologist


We are here for you…

During the current provincial lockdown measures, we are looking at ways to stay connected to our loyal patients. While we are open and can see some of you within limitations of the current guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health, Ottawa Public Health, the College of Physicians/Surgeon, and the College of Nurses of Ontario; we are applying precautionary judgement to what we feel is in the best interest of the staff and patients.

Therefore, we are attempting to defer as many in-office visits as possible, seeing only those patients who require medical dermatology care or urgent dermatology concerns, either as a new patient or as a follow-up to a recently prescribed therapy or medication.

Dr. Chris Sibley, one of our Associate Dermatologists at Laserderm, also happens to hold a Ph.D. in Infectious Diseases. We have never been so appreciative of this additional credentialing, it has allowed us to operate with the confidence that, as our  Medical Officer for Covid19 Safety, Dr. Sibley has been leading our team in ensuring our safety as well as the safety of our patients.

Please welcome me in thanking Dr. Sibley and all other Infectious Disease specialists out there working so hard in helping us understand the nature of this pandemic, and how we will get through this. Please please get vaccinated when the option becomes available to you.


Dear Laserderm Family:  While we cannot see many of you or be part of your care during this current lockdown, please know that we are here for you. If you would just like a call from one of our Dermatologists or nurses, even if it is just to chat, please please reach out. We would love to know you are okay, are staying healthy, and we look forward to serving you again.




Sunny Kim, BScN, on behalf of Dr. Chris Sibley and the rest of the Laserderm team.

Director of Clinical Affairs

Victoria Park Ottawa





The Halo is finally here!

Glow with angelic skin that looks lit from within…

The newest addition to our family, the Halo Hybrid fractional laser, is fast becoming the “favorite child.”

Those of us who have tried Halo already are being showered with “your skin is so glowy” compliments. Why? The dual wavelength laser can deliver therapeutic energies to different layers of skin so that uneven pigment, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles are improved. At the gentlest settings, you look normal the next day under some mineral makeup. At moderate to aggressive settings you might have swelling for 2-3 days. The bronzing of the skin, as the pixelated old skin gets ready to peel, can be camouflaged with mineral makeup even at day one, so this is considered a no down-time, a weekend, or long weekend laser peel. Most patients start to slough the old dull skin layers by day 3-5. The reveal at one week post treatment is like unwrapping a delightfully bright and soft skin surface… happy birthday to your new Halo skin! Skin texture continues to improve over several weeks as new collagen production softens and smoothes enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

The ability to tailor the Halo settings according to your skin concerns and your availability or unavailability for downtime is very unique to this technology. It has never been easier to fit in some skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing into busy professional and personal schedules.

For added bonus, if you are a bit rosaceous or have a lot of pigment from sun damage, you also have the option of layering a BBL or Fotofacial treatment with your Halo for an enhanced skin glow!

Ask about your candidacy for a Halo treatment next time you are visiting us, or call to schedule a consultation.