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  • About Dr. Laughlin, M.D., FRCPS(C)

    Sharyn A. Laughlin received her M.D.from the University of Ottawa in 1976, summa cum laude and was awarded the Gold Medal in General Surgery. She is a dermatologist certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Canada), and the American Board of Dermatology (USA). Dr. Laughlin is an Assistant Professor, in the Division of Dermatology, at the University of Ottawa and has been on the active Attending Staff at the Ottawa Hospital since 1980.

    Dr. Laughlin had the distinct privilege to receive her fellowship training in 1983 at the University of Cincinnati, under the late Dr. Leon Goldman, considered to be the renowned ‘father’ of laser medicine. She is a Canadian pioneer in laser skin surgery, one of a select group of 3 dermatologists who started the sub-specialty of laser-dermatology over 3 decades ago. She is the author of three chapters in dermatologic and cutaneous surgery textbooks, and has authored or co-authored 30 articles and abstracts in peer-reviewed publications or conference proceedings. She is a local, national, and international speaker, and has given over numerous lectures, workshops, and symposiums as an invited speaker.

    In the field of cutaneous laser surgery, Dr. Laughlin is considered to be a leading expert and luminary by her peers in the medical community and the laser industry. She has been the lead or co-investigator in many research trials. She has been an innovator in the development of new technology. Many of the new advances in cutaneous laser surgery and the pilot research for Health Canada or FDA approval took place at Laserderm under Dr. Laughlin’s experienced guidance.

    Patient care in cutaneous laser surgery has been influenced by Dr. Laughlin and her team of co-researchers for three decades. This includes research and development of long-pulse yellow light lasers for the treatment of vascular lesions, various ruby laser systems for photoepilation, and flash-scanning carbon dioxide laser systems for skin resurfacing. Most recently, she was the pioneer and first North American investigator for the use of combined light and radio frequency devices, which are now in widespread use for photoepilation, photorejuvenation, and a variety of other applications.

  • Dr. Laughlin's Media Appearances

    Dr. Laughlin is a sought-after media expert on laser and cosmetic dermatology due to her expertise in laser skin surgery and cutaneous laser procedures, and has appeared on numerous radio, television and print segments featuring skin health, skincare and laser procedures.

    Click here to read an Ottawa Citizen article about Dr. Laughlin’s views on cosmetic procedures: “Selecting the person who does your cosmetic procedure requires careful consideration”.

  • Dr. Laughlin's Publications

    Dr. Laughlin has completed research and has authored many publications in dermatologic and laser surgery journals as well as being a contributing author in textbooks

    Peer Reviewed Publications:

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  • Dr. Laughlin's Chapters in Books

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Professional Societies

  • American Academy of Dermatology
  • American Society of Laser in Medicine and Surgery, Fellow
  • Canadian Dermatology Association
  • Canadian Medical Association
  • Ontario Medical Association
  • Society of Investigative Dermatology
  • Alpha Omega Medical Society
  • Ottawa Bacteriology Club
  • Federation of Medical Women of Canada
  • Women’s Dermatologic Society
  • Royal Society of Medicine
  • Canadian Society for Dermatologic Surgery