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The Halo is finally here!

Glow with angelic skin that looks lit from within…

The newest addition to our family, the Halo Hybrid fractional laser, is fast becoming the “favorite child.”

Those of us who have tried Halo already are being showered with “your skin is so glowy” compliments. Why? The dual wavelength laser can deliver therapeutic energies to different layers of skin so that uneven pigment, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles are improved. At the gentlest settings, you look normal the next day under some mineral makeup. At moderate to aggressive settings you might have swelling for 2-3 days. The bronzing of the skin, as the pixelated old skin gets ready to peel, can be camouflaged with mineral makeup even at day one, so this is considered a no down-time, a weekend, or long weekend laser peel. Most patients start to slough the old dull skin layers by day 3-5. The reveal at one week post treatment is like unwrapping a delightfully bright and soft skin surface… happy birthday to your new Halo skin! Skin texture continues to improve over several weeks as new collagen production softens and smoothes enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

The ability to tailor the Halo settings according to your skin concerns and your availability or unavailability for downtime is very unique to this technology. It has never been easier to fit in some skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing into busy professional and personal schedules.

For added bonus, if you are a bit rosaceous or have a lot of pigment from sun damage, you also have the option of layering a BBL or Fotofacial treatment with your Halo for an enhanced skin glow!

Ask about your candidacy for a Halo treatment next time you are visiting us, or call to schedule a consultation.