The O-Shot is for…. you guessed it. Orgasm. Dr. Charles Runels(inventor of the Vampire Facelift)  pioneered this procedure for enhancing the female orgasmic response. It involves harnessing your body’s own repair response to rejuvenate, restore and repair nerve and vascular tissue of female genitalia. For decades we have successfully helped our patient REJUVENATE with anti-ageing therapies for the face, neck, chest and body. Now the O-Shot allows us to help patients REVAGINATE for a better sex life. Platelet Rich Plasma is harvested from the patient’s own blood, and is reinjected strategically and precisely to allow powerful signallers to tell the body to repair, restore and rejuvenate. As a bonus, the O-Shot also helps to improve vaginal dryness, mild urinary stress incontinence, and dyspareunia (pain with intercourse). The O-Shot is a single treatment procedure, with optional re-treatment 3 months later . For the ultimate pelvic make-over, you can have combination FemiLift/O-Shot treatment program. For in-house endocrinology consults,  Dr. Dudley,  is available for hormone screening assessment in peri-menopausal and menopausal women, and can counsel patients through the pros and cons of optional hormone supplementation.