Most of our patients enjoy the benefit of looking “younger than their age” from Fotofacials, fractional or full resurfacing techniques, skin tightening, and injectables such as Botox and filler. However, many patients say that their NECK LOOKS MUCH OLDER than their face, often because it is neglected, both in skincare as well as not being the focus of rejuvenating treatments typically done for the face. Start by applying your Cyberderm zinc sunscreen on your face AND neck every single morning. Skin brighteners such as Emblica, Vitamin C, Turmeric containing lotions such as PM anti-age can also be applied to the neck, and for patients who can tolerate it, intermittent application of glycolic acid or retinoic acid (like the Retin-Erase) can also help. Visit Cyberderm to get set with your skincare regimen, or order online

Here are the top 5 reasons to rejuvenate your NECK this winter and save!

5. “My neck is discolored or patchy looking.”


Sun damage can take a real toll on the neck skin, it is much thinner than facial skin so the same amount of UV exposure to both areas typically results in more damage appearing on the neck. If you ever noticed a clear and light colored area immediately under your central chin, that is your normal skin! It has been protected from the shade of your chin over the years and can appear very mismatched to the surrounding sun damaged skin. Redness, freckles and brown patches are the hallmark signs of a sundamaged neck (a condition called Poikiloderma Civatte), but this can be reversed by a series of Fotofacial or IPL treatments to the neck. Ask to add this to your next Fotofacial –face procedure and save $200!

4. “My neck is cobbly textured like chicken skin!”


Elastosis looks like bumpy or uneven “scarred looking” skin, it is caused by damage to the collagen and elastin from chronic UV exposure. Fraxel laser resurfacing has been the gold standard for improving this condition, and the bumpy skin is gradually replaced by smoother and clearer over a series of treatments. The skin is red and feels like a sunburn for a day after the treatment, followed by exfoliation of the laser-induced “dots” around 1 week later. Save 10% on Fraxel treatments on the neck between Dec 2016-March 2017.

3. “I have tried creams, acid treatments, and even some Fotofacial treatments and I still have brown patches on my neck”

Fraxel Dual

When there is deeper photodamage of the neck skin (typically the sides of the neck starting from the jawline), it can be stubborn to reverse. Whereas superficial pigment such as freckles can respond very well to Fotofacial/IPL treatments, deeper pigment needs to be fractionally resurfaced over a series of treatments. Fraxel laser, or a combination of IPL/Fractora at gentle settings can be very effective at making this “sun-stained” neck skin look brighter, more clear and evenly pigmented with the rest of the neck. Save 10% on Fraxel or combination Fotofacial/Fractora combo treatments between Dec 2-16-March 2017.

2. “I hate the crepiness of the skin on my neck!”


When collagen, elastin, and fat start thinning out on the neck as a result of natural ageing, the surface of the skin can appear crepey, like crinkled up tissue paper. There are many approaches that can be used to improve this crepiness, which can be selected based on your individual needs. Do I want to see more dramatic change with fewer treatments sessions, can I have downtime, how much downtime, is there a budget I have to work with? The spectrum of treatment options range from: Light/RF skin tightening with no downtime, Platelet Rich Plasma injection with Dermjet/microneedling, fractional Radiofrequency with minimal downtime (Venus Viva, or Fractora), fractional RF with moderate downtime (Fractora), and fractional laser resurfacing with about a week of downtime. Save 10% on any of these neck rejuvenation therapies done between Dec 2016-March 2017.

1. “My neck is saggy and loose”


If a lower facelift is not the route you want to go right now (this is a surgical procedure typically done to lift the skin on the neck), then some energy based skin tightening procedures can help you get gradual improvement of laxity and sagging. The Fractora has been a hit this year for neck tightening and firming. It is a microneedling/radiofrequency treatment that stimulates collagen and results in tightening of skin over 3 treatment sessions done 1 month apart. Tiny dots appear after a few days and take between 1-2 weeks to exfoliate. Sign up for 3 Fractora treatment sessions for the neck and save 20%. If you are really impressed with the results only after 2 sessions, you may apply the remaining credit towards another rejuvenation therapy.