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Do you have difficulty fitting in your rejuvenation goals into your busy lifestyle?  Wish you could do something about your enlarged pores, fine lines and crepey skin texture but do not want the “down-time” that usually comes with laser resurfacing procedures?  Venus Viva is the newest way to make your skin look smoother and tighter, the best part is…. you only have 24 hours of redness to recover from.  A series of this nano-fractional Radiofrequency treatment stimulates collagen and gives the skin a glow or brightness, the surface texture of skin gradually gets smoother and tighter over 3-4 monthly sessions.  What will impress you most is that you may start to appreciate the difference in skin tone and texture even after the first session.  This is a great program for those with fine lines, enlarged pores, mild to moderate acne scars, or for patients who have had resurfacing in the past and simply want a maintenance treatment to refresh and rejuvenate the skin.

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