Several things occur from sun damage and general aging of the skin:

  • Pigmentary changes resulting in freckles, sunspots, brown staining of the skin, mottled complexion of: face, neck, chest, and hands/arms.
  • Vascular changes resulting in red flushed or ruddy appearance, “broken spider vessels” on nose, cheeks, and neck
  • Rough skin texture from loss of natural collagen and elastin
  • Sallow complexion from slow cell turnover in epidermis or surface of the skin
  • Wrinkles, folds, sagging, accumulation of fat in the submental region (double-chin)
  • Pre-juvenation

Laserderm offers CUSTOM Rejuvenation by blending appropriate therapies together for a synchronized effect. Dr. Laughlin and her staff will customize each program based on patient candidacy, which procedure(s) will result in best outcome versus safety margin, as well as priority of issues determined by the patient. Any one of the modalities below may be “layered” on or combined with other procedures in series to address each skin condition according to Dr. Laughlin’s philosophy of “matching the right technology for the pathology”.

Epidermal therapies:

Chemical peels can be performed in office where active ingredients are applied to the skin for acne, pigment, melasma, and other conditions. The “Glow Peel” using Lactic Acid is a terrific option for those who want brightening, softening and glow to the face, perfect before a big event since there is no actual “peeling or flaking” of the skin…just an instant GLOW!
Microdermabrasion can be be performed to help polish and buff the skin from dead skin cells which results in smooth, soft and radiant skin. It can also be done more aggressively to help smooth out some superficial scars and skin irregularities.

Skin care is an integral part of any program at Laserderm. SUNSCREEN is the single most significant product that can help to prevent skin cancer, signs of aging, as well as help maintain results achieved through a rejuvenation program. Other products that should be considered are prescription retinoids, vitamins and anti-oxidants, glycolic acid or other AHAs, as well as good cleanser-toner combinations. CyberDERM is Dr. Laughlin’s private line of skincare, using only hand-picked ingredients that reflect the philosophy of “less chemicals, more efficacy”.

Dermal therapies:

Photorejuvenation for “brown” and “red” color irregularities is like getting a facial using gentle light and Radiofrequency energies. This gradually fades and lightens the color imperfections resulting in more even skin tone, so you can feel more confident about your complexion, even without foundation makeup! Most people can return to work immediately after a photorejuvenation or Fotofacial treatment.

Rejuvenation solutions for deeper photodamage or a combination of pigment and textural concerns may include treatments which come with minimal to moderate “downtime”, such as fractional radiofrequency or non-ablative laser resurfacing treatments. Deep wrinkles and folds are best addressed with more aggressive laser resurfacing treatment, usually involving downtime of about a week- this results in the most dramatic improvement of wrinkle reduction.

Skin tightening and wrinkle reduction can be addressed by numerous treatment options that can be tailored to your rejuvenation goals, schedule, lifestyle and budget. There is varying degree of “downtime” depending on the procedure so Dr. Laughlin and her patients work in partnership to decide the best treatment options. Click here to read more about skin texture and what can be done for texture irregularities.

Injection therapies:
Small injections of a neurotoxin drug is recommended for patients who have very active facial muscles resulting in deep wrinkles and grooves, or for lifting features which can become depressed with age (droopy brows, “sad” mouth). Subtle “brow-lifts” and jawline lifts can have a powerful rejuvenation effect. Relaxing overly active muscles prevents new lines and creases from forming as well as smoothing out existing lines caused by muscle “scrunching” of the overlying skin. The upper face and forehead are the most common areas where this is indicated, but it can also be used to soften the lines around the eyes, mouth, and neck. The effect can last up to 4-6 months in most patients. At Laserderm these products are artfully injected so that facial expressions are softened but still natural looking, as many patients do not want a completely “frozen” look or total loss of animation.

The combination treatment of muscle-relaxing injections and soft-tissue filler is called the Soft Lift. The Soft Lift is a great way to non-surgically lift, soften and smooth the facial contours. This 2 sided approach works by relaxing wrinkle-causing muscles and then replacing lost volume  to lift and soften the face, so you look like the younger version of yourself. Strategic and natural looking replacement of volume in the face can restore your appearance to 8-10 years younger; the ideal result restores more youthful contours and actually lifts the cheek and jawline. Fillers are also helpful in filling depressed acne scars, to augment laser surgery or as an alternative to laser treatment for patients who are looking for an immediate effect.

Lip augmentation and fillers for softening wrinkles and folds can be done with temporary, semi-permanent or permanent products. These products last anywhere from 9-24 months up to 6+ years. The philosophy at Laserderm is to create a softer, rejuvenated version of yourself. Patients can get augmentation or injection done artfully so the result does not look “fake”. The result should be a younger, rejuvenated and well-rested appearance.

“Pre-juvenation” is the ideal way to stay ahead of the curve and appear as though you are not at the mercy of mother nature and father time. Men and women in their thirties can defer the typical changes in the face and neck that “give their age away”, by starting early with preventative skincare, proper photoprotection (ZINC) and little doses of rejuvenation and anti-ageing strategies so that they always look about 8-10 years younger!

Sub-Dermal therapies:

Treating the double-chin fat used to be limited to surgical interventions such as liposuction or invasive surgery. Not anymore! We have enjoyed the technological advances in improvement of this area with Zeltiq CoolSculpting, or cryolipolysis. The CoolMini applicator is secured to the double-chin fat and freezes the fat pad under the chin. The results after 1-2 treatment sessions has thrilled patients who always wanted a solution but did not want surgery. Allergan Belkyra is the new drug which can be injected into double-chin fat to eliminate fat cells. At Laserderm the unique approach to precision sculpting allows us to treat even small areas of concern, every patient is assessed and treated with a customized plan suited for their indication, timeline, and budget.


– Sharplan CO2 SilkTouch and FeatherTouch
– Deka Smartxide DOT fractionated CO2 laser
– Valeant Fraxel Dual laser
– Syneron Matrix IR elosTM (laser+radiofrequency)
– Syneron ReFirme ST
– Laserscope Gemini/Lyra
– Environ Roll-CIT
– Cutera Laser Genesis

– Venus Freeze, Venus Viva

– InMode Fractora
– Sciton Joule Erbium laser, ProFractional

– Injectable therapies including: Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra, Bellafill, Belkyra

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