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The fractional CO2 Alma Pixel laser is used to perform the FemiLift treatment for vaginal tissue restoration. Laser resurfacing is known to restore optimal or more youthful tissue function by stimulating new collagen, elastin, vascular and nerve cells- the vaginal mucosa is basically rejuvenated!  We like to call this… REVAGINATION.  Symptoms of vaginal atrophy (thinning and irritation) related to menopause or img_ArticleDownloadchemotherapy, dryness, laxity after childbirth or weight fluctuations, and mild urinary stress incontinence are improved with a series of FemiLift treatments. Most patients report that even after the 1st treatment session they notice improvement of symptoms. This drug-free, painless and non-surgical procedure has significantly changed women’s lives by addressing their pelvic health issues.

Sunscreen Advisory for Physicians and Patients

img_ArticleDownloadJune 21st marks the official first day of summer. Canadians at home and abroad will receive more sun exposure during the next 4 months than for the rest of the entire year. The ultraviolet spectrum (UVB+UVA) at wavelengths 290-400 nm accounts for 5% of total sunlight. Sunscreens are supposed to absorb, scatter, or reflect this entire range of invisible UV energy.

Responsible Rejuvenation

img_ArticleDownload“A cosmetic procedure should ultimately make you feel and look better. However, glib promises, inflated claims, and a guarantee for the complete restoration of youth should be viewed with scepticism,” says Dr. Sharyn Laughlin, Medical Director of Laserderm™. With the cosmetic surgery explosion, medical procedures developed by physicians have moved “from the fluorescent lights of doctors’ offices to candlelit eucalyptus-scented skin care salons and wellness centers.”